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Thursday 15 February, 2018…
Taliban extend olive branch to American people, Group invites Republic Senator Rand Paul to visit Qatar-based political office for talks
Hafiz Saeed’s charities in firing line
Taliban gun down two FC men in Quetta
Senate up in arms over Pakistan’s being put on terror financing list
American NSA guards shoot at unauthorised vehicle
Kuwait to give $2 billion in loans, investments for Iraq
US island Guam stays relaxed amid North Korea nuclear standoff
For one US immigrant family, short-term public aid meant long-term security
Iran President Rouhani seeks Indian investment amid US pressure

commemorating Kashmir day

5th February, 2017

Dr. Maria Sultan with eu deputy high Commissioner, Anne Marchal

13th december, 2017

Dr. Maria Sultan at World Youth Forum, Sharam el Sheikh, Egypt

06 November, 2017

Dr maria sultan speaking at the 22 state parties conference of the organisation of the chemical weapons convention, Hague

28 November, 2017

Romanian Ambassador, His Excellency, Mr. Nicole Goia's visit to SASSI office

09 October, 2017

SASSI Delegation visit to PNRA under National Security Engagement Program

29 August, 2017

DG SASSI, Dr. Maria Sultan attending IAEA International Nuclear Security Education Network (INSEN) Meeting

SASSI University Soft Launch

02 February, 2015

National Conference: Applications of Nuclear Science and Technology in Pakistan in collaboration with PAEC and PNRA

12-13 July 2012

International Conference: “Fissile Material Treaty (FMT): Possibilities and Prospects”

20-22 March, 2011

Three-Day International SASSI Workshop on “Future for High-Tech Industry Development in Pakistan”

07-09 December, 2010

Three-Day International SASSI Workshop on “Indian Military’s Cold Start Doctrine and its Implications for Strategic Stability in South Asia”

20th-22nd July, 2010

“OSCE: Pakistan’s Sub-Regional Policy” by Col Hans Eberhart, Defence Attache, Embassy of Switzerland

23 July, 2009

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ISLAMABAD: Personnel of Army SSG march-past during full dress rehearsal of Pakistan Day parade. INP PHOTO

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Industrial Zone at Night. Industrial Buildings Illumination and Smoke.

Industry Outreach and China


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MAYPORT, Fla. (Aug. 31, 2010) Pakistan sailors parade their country's colors during the decommissioning ceremony of the guided-missile frigate USS McInerney (FFG 8) at Naval Station Mayport. During the ceremony, McInerney was commissioned into the Pakistan navy as PNS Alamgir (F 260). (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Gary Granger Jr./Released).

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