Round-Table On Non Prolifiration And Disarmament Challenges In Pakistan And Its Reigon

Roundtable on Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Challenges for Pakistan and the Region held by SASSI University at Serena Hotel June 16, 2014 Mr. Jaeck Bylical, EU principal advisor and special envoy for non-proliferation and disarmament stated that EU-Pakistan engagement plan is an effective instrument to counter the threat of nuclear proliferation and global challenges in this domain. He was addressing the roundtable table on “Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Challenges for Pakistan and the Region”, organized by the South Asian Strategic Stability Institute, SASSI (University).

Dr. Maria Sultan, Director General SASSI University, in her opening remarks, elaborated that Pakistan believes that Pakistan-European Union strategic dialogue will lead towards tangible and positive outcomes between Pakistan and EU.

Highlighting the importance of the bilateral process on this issue of non-proliferation, she stated that Pakistan faced serious security challenges and greatly values its non-proliferation commitments with ground realities.

She emphasized that the Indo-US nuclear deal has created serious security problems for the stability of the region. She was also of the view that EU has taken a very important stance in terms of placing restraints and limitations on access to the nuclear technology, adding the Indian exemption has created regional security imbalance. She also
appreciated the EU mission in Pakistan for strengthening the bilateral relations.

Secretary Defense while speaking on the occasion stated that the increase in the Indian defense budget was equal to the entire defense budget of Pakistan, highlighting that Indian Cold Start Doctrine (CSD) lowers the threshold and creates uncertain security measures, specifically for Pakistan. He further said that Pakistan continues to believe in credible minimum deterrence and engaging multilaterally on non-proliferation with the rest of the international community and Pakistan’s commitment to nuclear security framework is a testament to this.

The roundtable was attended by a number of security experts and defense analysts.