Round Table On Pak-China Strategic Relations

A roundtable titled, “Pak-China Strategic Relations” was held in Serena, organized by South Asian Strategic Stability Institute (SASSI) University. Renowned guests included a Chinese delegation along with other prominent figures.
Dr. Maria Sultan, Director General SASSI University gave a welcome address in which she recalled the successful visit of the Chinese PresidentXi Jin Ping, which she said lead to a renewal of Pak-China relationship.

Dr. Maria Sultan then gave a presentation on Pak-China relationship which included the historical background and overview of diplomatic, military and economic relations between the two countries.
During the presentation she said, “Pakistan and China share deep, sincere and long-term relationships. Both the countries responsibly understand and support the nonproliferation regimes. The nuclear cooperation between Pakistan and China has increased from strength to strength and K-II K-III projects will bring Pakistan to the self-sufficiency cycle. “She further said, “The relationship between both the countries is based on strong trust and mutual support. And we should further institutionalize relations with each other.”
Mr Ye Hailin, Editorial Director, South Asia Studies China Academy of Social Sciences then appreciated the presentation given by Dr.Maria and said, “The friendship between Pakistan and China is time-tested and everlasting. We are not only two states, but we are a big family from Pakistan to China.” He further said, “The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will lay down the new foundations for economic cooperation between the two countries. Pakistan and China have a strategic relationship, they have time and preservation to develop this relationship into reality.“Former President National Defence University, Lt. Gen (R) Raza Muhammad Khan said, “Pakistan can learn many lessons from China, as China has placed economic development ahead of everything else, even their politics is subservient to economic progress.”
Ex. Secretary Defence, General (R) AsifYasin Malik described Pak-China relationship as a long, yet smooth journey. He said, “The economic corridor is not only going to benefit Pakistan and China, in fact it will benefit Asia and globally it will open up Pakistan-China trade to Iran, Afghanistan and beyond.”
Dr. NiuXinchun, Director Insititute if ME Studies, China Institute of Contemporary International Studies said, “We have warm and comfortable relations with Pakistan, which is very unique in its own way, as Pakistan has always supported China internationally.” Addressing the Indian concerns and challenges regarding CPEC he said, “No matter what we do, there will always be a third party raising concerns and troubles, but we will inch towards success and development and shall ensure to further strengthen this relationship.”
The roundtable was concluded by the valuable remarks of Dr. Maria Sultan who thanked all the participants and the delegation for their presence and participation. She said, “CPEC will be used for the public welfare and strategic interest of both countries. Long live Pak-China Frienship!”.