Morning Nuclear Recon





North Korea now making missile-ready nuclear weapons, U.S. analysts say

US Analysts said that North Korea may have been able to successfully produce a miniaturized
a nuclear weapon which can fit into a warhead. They also reiterated that North Korea’s ICBM
development was moving forward at a rapid pace.

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Trump touts US nuclear arsenal amid standoff with North Korea

President Donald Trump touted U.S. nuclear capabilities on Twitter after the rebuke of North
Korea. He wrote that his first order as the U.S. President was to renovate and modernize the US
nuclear arsenal. He further added that US nuclear arsenal is far stronger and more powerful than
ever before.

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North Korea threatens to turn U.S. mainland into a ‘theater of nuclear war’

Responding to President Trump’s statement that North Korea will meet with “fire and fury”,
Pyongyang sent a strong signal that its nuclear ambitions threatened to turn the U.S. mainland
into the theater of a nuclear war. Furthermore, it would mercilessly repel a U.S. strike on North
Korean missile and nuclear targets.

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South Asia



Pakistan reaffirms its commitment to nuclear disarmament

Pakistan has reaffirmed its commitment to nuclear disarmament in a manner that produces peace,
stability and security at regional and global levels. In a statement on the Prohibition of Nuclear
Weapons Treaty, the Foreign Office Spokesperson Nafees Zakaria said that Pakistan is
committed to the goal of nuclear weapons free world through the conclusion of a universal,
verifiable and nondiscriminatory, a comprehensive convention on nuclear weapons.

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India awards contract for fast reactor fuel cycle facility

Hindustan Construction Company (HCC) has been awarded a contract worth INR 7.64 billion
($120 million) by India’s Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research (IGCAR) to construct a fast
reactor fuel cycle facility at Kalpakkam. The fast reactor fuel cycle facility is the fourth
construction contract awarded to HCC by IGCAR.

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