70th Independence Day Celebrations by SASSI

Former Secretary Defence Lt. Gen (retd.) Asif Yasin Malik vowed that the Pakistani nation will defeat terrorism and protect its freedom and sovereignty by displaying unity and resilience.

Addressing a ceremony organized by South Asia Strategic Stability Institute to celebrate 70th Independence Day of Pakistan, the former secretary defense stated and said that the question we need to ask the nation is not what Pakistan has done for us but what we have done for Pakistan.

Ambassador of Palestine while commending SASSI’s efforts stated that “The Pakistani”, a new youth platform is a sign of progress and development for Pakistan. At the event, the Ambassador of Egypt congratulated SASSI and the Pakistani nation for surviving hardships and coming out victorious given all the challenges Pakistan has faced.

Addressing the ceremony, Director General South Asia Strategic Stability Institute (SASSI) said, the participation of youth is vital for effective programs and to develop influence, coherence, and acceptance and participation in the national security discourse which can be achieved through small pilot scale activities, says Dr. Maria Sultan. At this, she congratulated the team leaders of the National Security Engagement Program, the first fellowship program for initiating “The Pakistani”. She also congratulated the nation on the 70th celebrations of Independence Day.

She stated that National Security Engagement Program is aimed to develop an outreach and leadership in the younger population. Essentially it is to recognize that youth participation is vital for effective programs and to develop influence, coherence, and acceptance in national security discourse.

She further elaborated that this program is also aimed to provide one of the policy’s two objectives that are the integration of youth issues and engagement of young population across the country, secondly to create multiple access points for alternative leadership through an early harvest program.

In order to identify effective approaches and recommendations to meaningfully engage youth in programs, policies and operational practices, it is suggested that a small pilot scale activity is generated, she maintained.

Osama Babakhel a Sassi intern while giving a presentation to the audience said, “An all-encompassing skill set is imperative for every Pakistani at any stage of his/her life. We tend to focus on certain credentials and overlook the skills required for their respective occupation, leading our youth in an endless cycle of intellectual
ignorance. That is what we wish to change”.

“Expressing our wish to enable the youth to rediscover their true Pakistani identity, and cherish their country, therefore; benefit their country by realizing their true capabilities and utilizing them to the full”, said Mr. Usama Khurshid Ahmed Khan, an intern at SASSI.

Similarly, Mr. Hashir Ahmed, a SASSI intern gave his presentation about the importance of physical fitness that how it is important for the youth of this country and what are the possible mediums for the enhancement of their physical abilities.

”Pakistan was created on the basis of an ideology. A country for the Muslims of the sub continent where they could live in accordance with the Islamic values and norms, where they could promote and preserve their cultural and national identity. An ideology who compatibility being challenged by Westernization. “The Pakistani” aims to provide a counter narrative to this”, said M.Hashim Zafar during his presentation.

The event was attended by the parents of the participants of National Security Engagement Program, members of the military and diplomatic corps, academia, and the media.