Assessing Space Security: Chinese Space Capabilities

14th September, 2017

A roundtable discussion was organized by SASSI on the topic “Assessing Space Security: Chinese Space Capabilities”. The discussion was held at SASSI Islamabad Regional Headquarters and was attended by various elites of the diplomatic and military circles. The session was chaired by Dr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal. The roundtable discussion was focused on Mr. Ahmed Khan’s presentation which was on the same topic. In his presentation, Mr. Khan discussed the various international conventions and treaties regarding the militarization of space. He also described the growing space program of China and the motives behind doing so. Mr. Khan also deliberated on the Indian space program.


Following Mr. Khan’s presentation, there was a question and answers session in which the attendees participated. There were questions regarding the impact of Space programs and its future implications on global and regional affairs. With the conclusion of the question and answer session, Dr. Jaspal presented his concluding remarks and noted that such discussions are fruitful discourses and he also provided his insight regarding the topic.