Deteriorating Pak-Afghan Trust and Implications for the region

28th September, 2017

SASSI hosted a roundtable conference which was titled on Pakistan-Afghanistan relations. The conference which was titled, “Deteriorating Pak-Afghan Trust & Implications for the Region”, was held at SASSI Islamabad Regional Headquarters. The conference was attended by prestigious members of the diplomatic and political circles.


The Conference was chaired by Lt Gen. Asif Yasin Malik (Retd). Brig. Ishaq Ahmed (Retd), who is the Director Intelligence and International Security Studies at SASSI, delivered a presentation on the topic. Brig. Ishaq briefed the attendees to the history of the Pak-Afghan relations. He also highlighted the present situation of these relationships. He believed that there were a multitude of underlying issues between Pakistan and Afghanistan which caused relationships to be strained among the two countries. He also presented his analysis on the future of Pak-Afghan relations as well.


Following Brig Ishaq’s presentation, the assembly was opened for a question and answers session. During the question and answers sessions, there were inquires from the esteemed participants on topic which were duly answered by the chair and the speaker. There were also various comments and feedback also provided by the honorable attendees. The concluding remarks were given by Lt Gen. Asif Yasin Malik (Retd), who noted that such conferences were beneficial for helping understand the complex underlying issues in the formation of foreign policy of any country.