Roundtable Conference: Meeting with the Afghan Delegation

24th August, 2017

A roundtable conference on “Pak-Afghan Relations” was held at the South Asian Strategic Stability Institute (SASSI) headquarters. Renowned guests included an Afghan delegation which comprised of prominent personalities in the fields of journalism, policy making and politics.


Dr. Maria Sultan, Director General for SASSI, gave a welcome address to the participants and thanked the participants for gracing the conference with their presence. She also recognized the importance of Afghanistan and reiterated the immense value of healthy Pak-Afghan relations.


Director of Intelligence and International Security Studies for SASSI, Brig. Ishaq Ahmed delivered a presentation on the immense challenges that the Pak- Afghan relations have had to endure. He also enumerated the various factors that can hamper the relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan. He also presented a way forward and argued that there needs to be cooperation between Afghanistan and Pakistan in order to ensure a lasting peace and friendship between the two countries.


Mr. Tariq Mahmood, who is a renowned Pakistani journalist, also delivered a presentation on the role of media in developing good relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Mr. Tariq was of the view that media should avoid sensationalizing reports and should focus and work for the betterment of humanity. Similarly, he also argued that media should focus on bridging gaps rather than creating hurdles in people to people relations. He was of the view that if media plays a positive role in both the countries then the relationship between the two countries can develop into a very good prospect for the future.


After the speakers had presented their presentations, the session was opened for a question and answer session by Dr. Maria Sultan. The question and answer session included a healthy discussion among the participants in developing a future layout for the betterment of Pak-Afghan relations. The Conference ended with DG SASSI presenting the esteemed members of the Afghan Delegation with Souvenirs.