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Dr Maria Sultan – DG and Chairperson SASSI

Chairperson’s Message

The South Asian Strategic Stability Institute (SASSI) has and continues aim to make a leading contribution to regional and international academic and policy oriented research discourses about South Asian and International security. SASSI is platform for constructive input on these issues as well as the wider issues of chemical and biological weapons, conventional force balance, civil-military relations, social and political conflict resolution and nuclear issues, which are at the heart of regional stability.

Contemporary academic research and policy making both focus heavily on questions of the causes and consequences of global political violence, domestic and transnational terrorism, civil strife and warfare and an evolving international and regional theatre. There is an increasing recognition that a range of problems and dilemmas with a global scope fundamentally affect human security. This said on many occasions, those most affected by such situations are the ones least prepared to handle them.